6 Things You Never Knew Your Computer Could Do

We as a whole utilize our PCs about a similar way, whether it’s to listen to music, watch recordings, or surf the web. On the other hand perhaps we’re an understudy and utilizing it to compose papers and do homework, or a businessperson exploiting working from home to telecommute.

There’s nothing amiss with these employments of a PC, however most don’t understand their PCs can do much more in ways they won’t not have even considered. All things considered, PCs are an expensive speculation. Shouldn’t you be getting the most value for your money, and utilize your PC all the more efficiently?We’ve collected a rundown of six ways that you can begin utilizing your PC distinctively today.

6 Things You Never Knew Your Computer Could Do

1. Switch between and open windows rapidly

Everybody thinks about squeezing alt+tab to switch immediately between applications. In any case, did you know there’s a much speedier approach to get to precisely the window you require? To start with, float your cursor over the application symbol in your taskbar. A popup shows up with little thumbnails of each window open for that particular program.

Try not to stop there: Press move while you tap the symbol and it will open another window for that application. On the off chance that you require Administrator authorizations, press shift+ctrl. In the event that you have to return to the most as of late utilized window of a specific application, press ctrl while clicking. It makes alt+tab appear to be… old.

2. Make your PC repairman’s employment less demanding

Attempting to clarify a blunder on your PC, however don’t know how to depict it? Windows can really “record” your means, which your keen companion or PC repair tech can access to reproduce the issue themselves.

In the pursuit bar, sort “issue record.” You ought to see an outcome that says “Record ventures to create an issue.” Click it, and after that “Begin Record” on the window that opens up. Each time you click, Windows takes a screenshot. You’ll be provoked to spare your screenshots to a compress record when you’re done.

6 Things You Never Knew Your Computer Could Do


3. Do transformations effectively

It appears as though Windows’ adding machine application has never showed signs of change, yet it took on some shrouded new elements in Windows 7 that you may have missed. In Windows 7 or 8, open Calculator and snap View and afterward select the transformation choice (in Windows 10, these choices can be found by tapping the menu symbol on the upper left). A few sorts of changes are accessible including length, volume, weight, temperature, and zone, among others.

4. Gage your PC’s dependability

Windows running somewhat flaky for you? Microsoft built up a “dependability list” to gage exactly how flimsy your PC is. To discover it, write “unwavering quality” in the pursuit bar and tap on the “view dependability history” result. An application called Reliability Monitor opens and shows the list and in addition data on application, Windows, and different disappointments, and notices and data on PC activities like updates.This application will be particularly valuable on the off chance that you do not understand where a mistake is originating from, and might help you alter it a considerable measure speedier.

5. Make desktop sticky notes

Being a Mac client, one of my most loved applications was really one of the least difficult: a local application called Stickies. This permitted you to sort up some snappy notes that would basically “stick” to your desktop. Windows now has a similar component.

To get to it, search for “Sticky Notes” in your projects rundown or scan for it. You can change the shading by right tapping on the note and selecting the shading you need, and make new notes by tapping the “+” image, and erase notes by tapping the “x” on the inverse corner of the note. These are incredible to utilize when need a snappy approach to keep data on your screen.

6 Things You Never Knew Your Computer Could Do

6. Input complex numerical conditions

This current one’s an awesome one for undergrads. Writing in equations can be a genuine torment in the you-know-where, however it doesn’t need to be that way. Windows incorporates an application called “Math Input Tool” (called Math Input Panel in Windows 10). Opening this application will permit you to utilize your mouse, stylus, or finger to attract complex scientific conditions. This can be a lifeline particularly in case you’re attempting to make contemplate guides for analytics or other larger amount math courses.


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